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Selling books.

June 26, 2016

I have collected books since I was a teenager and more seriously since 1961.  I now own over 7,000 rare, scholarly and more common books on subjects that interest me.  In 1975 I created T. W. Palmer Books thinking I would need to begin selling some.  I did not need to do so then.  In 1999 I made the company into a limited partnership with my wife and I owning 1% each as General Partners and our three children owning the rest in equal shares as Limited Partners.

Today I will begin preparations to sell my collection by posting a few items on my next blog.  Most books concern the scientific exploration of the American West.  I also have many on western American railroads, botany, historical cartography, fine printing (particularly Grabhorn Press and Book Club of California) and Chinese Art, Archaeology  and History.

Theodore W. Palmer
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
University of Oregon
(Proprietor of T. W. Palmer Books
259 West 23rd Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405-2855
(541) 343 6536)



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  1. pfkortright permalink

    Are they listed in a catalog or inventory? We share many interests.Peter Funnell Kortright 

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  2. Kelly Howard permalink

    Do you receive visitors to browse your books to purchase?

  3. Visitors by appointment only. Precautions are required during the pandemic. A large part of my collection is also listed with Abe Books and may be viewed there.

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