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Wagner, Camp, Becker Bibliography

June 26, 2016

I will now post some of the hundreds of books I own listed in this important bibliography.  In order to postpone listing my most valuable books I will start with 1850.

Wagner, Henry R[aup] (1862/9/27 – 1957/3/28) Charles L[ewis] Camp (1893/3/12 – 1975/8/14); Robert H. Becker (unknown dates); HENRY R. WAGNER & CHARLES L CAMP | The Plains | & | the Rockies: | A CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY OF EXPLORATION, | ADVENTURE AND TRAVEL IN THE AMERICAN WEST | 1800-1865. | FOURTH EDITION | Revised, Enlarged and Edited by | ROBERT H. BECKER | San Francisco | JOHN HOWELL-BOOKS | 1982, ISBN: 0-910760-11-1, xx, 745 pp. , octavo, 26 x 17 cm., 33 illustrations, colophon.


Printed at the Arion Press with two color title page. This revision of the premier reference book of Western Americana gives thorough bibliographic treatment of each known issue and edition of each title, with line-by-line transcriptions of every title page and every map, full collations, references and confirmed locations of copies, together with brief editorial comments, and an index of authors, titles and subjects. (Since this bibliography notes all blank pages, I will not do so.)

(Additional new copies in original maroon cloth for sale at $150.00)


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